Terms and Policies

Guests are requested to maintain decorum and good conduct. We value your patronage but, side by side, we are here to serve a community of our patrons too. Therefore, we sincerely request your consideration for other patrons too.
In case of emergencies, medial or otherwise, House shall try and assist guests to the best of our abilities. A First Aid Medical Kit is maintained at the front desk for minor medical purposes.
Access to rooms and floors of the hotel is allowed only to the guests who have been registered with us in the Reception.
All our rooms are Smoking Free. The property has allocated smoking areas for guests who have the needs to do so.
All rights to admission are reserved.
Breakfast shall be served between 7:30 hrs – 9:30 hrs everyday. Breakfast services can extend one hour in the weekends (Saturdays).

Check In Time: 14:00 hrs. The Hotel accepts check in after 14:00 hrs. Early check-in is also entertained. Please get in touch for early check-in.

Check Out Time: 12:00 hrs. Guests can request for no more than +1.5 hrs of check-out time. We do have provision to store our luggage, should a need as such arise. Any changes in the check out time/plan needs to be informed one day prior to the check out.

Closing Hours: 23:00 hrs. All guests are requested to inform the front desk if their return to the rooms shall be later than the closing hours.
Guests are welcome to invite acquaintances to their rooms. However, acquaintances are requested to duly return before the closing hours. Please do inform the Front Desk, if the situation is otherwise.

Guest shall be levied Extra Guest Charge of USD 30 per person, with additional Service Charge and VAT, if guests are found to be harboring acquaintances beyond 24:00 hrs.

All payments must be made at the time of check-out.

Long term stay options are also available on request. You can get in touch with us to know more.

Guests are requested to contact hotel front desk for any kind of help/assistance. Keeping the safety of everyone in mind, use of burner stoves, free flames, candles and flatirons are strictly prohibited within the room and hotel complex.

Breakage, Damages and Liability: All guests are requested to maintain the integrity of all furniture, fixture and equipment (FFE) of the rooms provided. Patan House Pvt Ltd maintains a record on the status of all its FFE. Guests are requested to immediately report at the front desk the damage of any FFE for reparation.

However, if the damages are acts of severe negligence, irresponsibility, malice, hostility or under the influence of alcohol and other substances, guests will be held responsible and must pay for all liabilities associated.

The Hotel shall not be responsible for the action of the guests in their rooms and the consequences thereof. Acts of crime and indulgence in unlawful activity shall be duly reported to the authorities. We also request our guests to maintain the community standards as we are in the middle of a traditionally living Newari Community.

The Hotel shall be exempt from any accountability of circumstances arising out of Third Party supplies such as Toiletries, Products, Water etc.